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Staff policys/rules
Staff must follow these policy's/rules, not doing so will result in a demotion. If you find a staff member not following these, please report it via the forums in the correct thread.


All staff must have a mic, they must conduct admin sits/reports/calls using there mic for communicating, if the players involved can't understand you and or hear you, the game chat may be used.

All staff must be 13 years of age or older, anyone found applying under that and will be warned or possibly banned if repeated.

All staff must be polite to **ALL** members of the community, no matter what rank they have. Staff can't be racist, offensive, or bully's. As stated is our TOS (Terms Of Service) we said under liability "We are not responsible for any hate speech, racism, and discrimination to users and staff. Although it will NOT be tolerated and Zendik Networks terminates accounts who do this after warning from our service(s).". However, staff punishments for this are different. Staff will not get a warning for this and will get fully demoted, along with a 4 week ban from all Zendik Networks services.

All staff must treat others fairly, whether they are your friend or there a fellow staff member, all sits must be taking care of fairly, if this is not followed by a staff member they will get a demotion. Along with this staff need to understand that they **CAN NOT** take there own sits, even if there the only staff member online.

Anyone under the rank of Head Admin can't ban for more than 3 weeks, they must request a longer ban from a higher up.

All Staff are not allowed to use there powers in any way to get a roleplay advantage, this includes but not limited to, giving themselves free money, nocliping, tampering with others props with out permission etc. Staff found abusing powers will be fully demoted after 3 warns and banned for 2 weeks.

Staff are not allowed to be on the server if they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They will be demoted and perm banned if caught. Any staff doing drugs illegally will be perm banned and demoted as well.

just because something is not listed here, does not mean you can do it, please pm jellypies via the forums if you have any questions. Heart Heart
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