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Request Format *MUST FOLLOW*
Job Name:

Job Description:

P90 (+$5.00)
Desert Eagle (+$2.00)
Med Kit (+$7.00)
List weapons to purchased:

*Player models must be at a normal size, we wont take glitchy player models, please test the player model in single player before requesting it, we are not responsible for broken player models that you requested*

Player Model workshop link:

Player Model:

Your Steam ID:

In Game Name:


You must purchase the custom class here: https://sdonate.com/stores/zendiknetworks/

After that, we will need proof of purchase, please provide us with a transaction ID. This can be found in the PayPal transaction. We will check if it is linked with the steam id you listed previously. Trying to use an ID that **NOT** yours will result is a perm ban from the community, please note we can check if its your id or not.

PayPal Transaction ID:

(Your done!)

A dev will get back to you asap with your request! Big Grin
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